Announcing the Driven Saver Facebook Group

Are you looking for some additional support on your financial journey? Need some additional encouragement on meeting your goals? Then this may be for you!
First off, we want you to know that we understand those needs and want to support you!
Spending is easy, but spending LESS is hard.
And then there is saving…which seems so impossible!
We realize there are some who may feel more comfortable sharing information in a private group rather than in a community setting.
We are no different and want to provide an option for all!
Who: People who want to get a handle on their finances, those currently going through a budgeting process looking for support & community, or those who are already debt free and would like to share what they’ve learned by supporting & encouraging others.
What: This is a private Facebook group that can be joined by paying a monthly membership fee.
Cost: $10/mo (cancel anytime)
What Will I Learn?
– achieving goals for your money
– saving money on groceries and expenses
– making money
– and so much more!
If interested, sign up here:

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