Job Searching in a Pandemic. What Should I Consider?

I have been hearing of many people who are desiring a job change or wanting to pursue other endeavors during this pandemic and it got me thinking a little deeper about this. During a pandemic, people are worried, scared, uneasy, etc. and are looking for the best way to alleviate their fears. This is a normal phenomenon and although I have never lived through such a time as this, I can say that I am glad there are some common sense approaches we can consider before jumping out into the unknowns. I praise God to have not had my job compromised because of this pandemic and know many who have not been as fortunate.

I came across an article about this very topic and it included a few helpful ideas for consideration. Here is a summary of what I uncovered.

Growing Industries are Where Its At: Industries such as digital companies, those with remote working platforms (looking at you Zoom), logistics, or insurance have been very profitable in this pandemic economy. Other options may include looking for ways to pivot such as moving to virtual platforms or developing new skill sets!

Flexibility is Key: Being flexible in any profession helps set you apart from the competition! You may not be the best of the best, but being a jack-of-all trades places you in an excellent position. be willing to learn new skills, flex to new roles, or work in a different department. I spoke with a peer today who took a totally different role performing administrative duties (filing papers and answering phones) who normally works with surgeons in an Operating Room. Talk about being flexible!

Networks Are Your Lifeblood: Reaching out to people in your peer network may help you gain opportunities that you did not realize were possible. Perhaps you belong to a professional organization, a social media group (i.e. “Mom” groups on Facebook), or a church or civic organization. These networks are filled with valuable people who have great insights on areas you may not have considered previously. Tap into these resources to open up new doors.

Highlight Your Skills: Don’t underestimate your skillset. You may not consider “posting on social media” a real skill (and it may not be but we just made it up). However, think of the skills associated with it including typing, SEO optimization, social engagement development, photo/video editing, and more. Sure…scrolling for hours on your favorite social media site may not be a real skill but think of all of those associated skills and something may stand out to you. Also consider all of your other skills and don’t sell yourself short! Virtual assisting is another excellent skill that is closely related to some of the work involved with managing a social media page. Some VAs even run social media accounts for other people or businesses!

Revamp Your Resume: Revamping your resume is an excellent task no matter the season of your life. I typically review my resume every few years to ensure it stays current. I am not looking for employment however I know that my resume is current (or only needs a little updating) should the need arise.

Get Some Online Presence: As much as some don’t want to consider the influence of their social media presence and how it affects job opportunities, creating a more professional online image is a good idea! Many employers skim your social media accounts (yes plural) and search your name in Google to see how you portray your character outside of your professional lifestyle. What does your online presence say about you?

Lastly, Focus On The Long Game: The job search may take a little longer than anticipated with the current global pandemic. Although it feels like the current season will never end, eventually we will see light at the end of the tunnel and employment will be an opportunity. During this time you may need to pivot and fill some different roles or consider a specific niche that you may not have initially considered. Side jobs or temporary work may be the only option currently and that may not seem comfortable, but doing your part to ensure you can put food on the table and provide for your family is what is most important.

Again, we know it doesn’t feel like what we are experiencing is normal or comfortable, however, we hope that these 7 tips will help you think outside of the box if you are faced with challenging work situations or are just considering pivoting to other job opportunities.

Maybe you aren’t in a difficult situation and are not considering changing jobs. If so, would you be willing to take ANY job? What would you do?

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