Our Dinner Menu Plan for the Week

I am hoping to share our menu plans with you for two reasons. First, so that you can get some ideas of what you can make that isn’t going to break the bank. Sometimes, I get in a meal rut and want some new ideas. If you are looking for crazy fancy meals, you are not in the right place! Second, I would like to do better about eating more whole foods. If I share what we are buying and eating, I will feel like I need to eat better.

You will notice that I only menu plan for dinner. Why? We do leftovers for lunch most days. I usually keep breakfasts pretty simple. I am not a morning person, so just getting basic food in our belly is my main priority. More on this later.

I also don’t plan sides with my meals. I do a lot of canning and freezing during the summer, so we have food to round out our meal. Right now my girls are into choosing what we will eat with our main dish. I like giving them this option to help them want to eat. I usually try to get at least a fruit or vegetable if not both in with the main dish.

You can see the video of the grocery haul that I got to go along with this menu plan.

  • Monday- Waffles, eggs, and smoked sausage
  • Tuesday- Smoked pork chops
  • Wednesday- Shredded chicken
  • Thursday- Meatloaf
  • Friday- Steak
  • Saturday- Stromboli
  • Sunday- Whole Chicken

What are you eating this week?

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