Our Menu Plan for the Week

My goal for the next little bit is to clean out my freezer that is attached to my fridge in order to get ready to freeze a few meals for after baby comes. Also, there is some frozen produce in there to use up before we start getting some from our garden this summer.

I worked a little this last week with Esther on reading a recipe. She loved taking ownership of the cookies that she made.

Sunday- vegetable soup (this is my attempt at cleaning out the freezer. I added a can of beef to the soup.)

Monday- ham and eggs (I have some ham that was leftover and froze.)

Tuesday- steak and hot dogs (we purchase part of a cow. It is about time to buy another, so I need to use up our beef.)

Wednesday- zucchini pizza casserole (using frozen zucchini from last year and some canned tomato sauce.)

Thursday- hamburger stroganoff

Friday- fettuccini alfredo

What are you planning on having this week?

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