Are 13 cent stamps really a good deal?

Not all deals are a good deal. Have you ever gotten something you thought was a good deal and then realized it wasn’t? I would love to hear what it was.
Well, I just recently bought some expensive stickers. They became a scarf for my youngest girl. But don’t those look like stamps?! Yes. Let me tell you why they weren’t a good deal. 

I have bought stamps off eBay before and they were about $0.50 for a $0.55 cent stamp. I can’t turn down a deal, so I always turn to eBay when I need stamps.

The last time that I went to buy stamps, I noticed that there were some for $0.13. Well, of course I was like hook me up. Right? I even ordered some for my church because they needed some. I got multiple rolls from three sellers. Super proud of myself for my score!!

I got an email from the seller telling me that my item had shipped. I then got two more from the other two sellers. All three emails were EXACTLY the same. My red flags started to go up. Why do you need three separate accounts on eBay? I didn’t know counterfeit stamps existed until I started googling. My mom asked a man at the post office and he said there wasn’t counterfeit stamps.

I contacted some people on Facebook and they assured me they were probably counterfeit. I sent them some and they confirmed.

When I contacted the sellers, one of the sellers responded that they have never had a problem with the stamps and that they would give me a 60% discount. I told them I just wanted to return the stamps. They then came back with they would give me a 80% discount since a lot of stamps get lost in the mail. I stated again that I just wanted to return. This seller refunded, the second seller refunded with no communication, and the third seller had me send them back. The third order was a lot larger than the other two. Kinda odd though that they didn’t even want their product back. My third order has been sent back and I used the label provided. I checked this morning and the address isn’t complete. EBay is suppose to be stepping in on that matter.

I have filed a complaint with the US postal inspection service. eBay has removed the listing from this seller’s store. Hence why they asked not to message them with questions. So suspicious.

So, the moral of the story is that not all deals are good deals. And counterfeit stamps do exist.

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