Hello and welcome to Driven Saver! It is our goal to help you in “Saving Money to Make Memories!” Driven Saver is made up of a husband and wife team with 3 beautiful little ladies (and another little something due later this year). We may not have all of the answers but we are dedicated on helping you build wealth through some general principles of “spend less and save more.” We believe that these 2 concepts are often overlooked and are so vital in our money driven culture. Wherever you look, someone wants you to look like, act like, talk like, or dress like someone else all to appease the masses. There is much admiration in attempting to improve your life, though, it shouldn’t be at a risk for financial debt. We are going to show you some exciting ways to help you save money so one day you can live and give like no one else!

Although our blog is not a Christian specific one, you will notice we mention of our relationship with our Great Savior, Jesus Christ! If you are interested in knowing more about who Jesus is or desiring to know Him more intimately, we want to encourage you by clicking HERE.